About Us

H2O PLUS WATER TREATMENT COMPANY was established in 1996 specializing in marketing home, commercial, and industrial water treatment equipments, accessories, and facilities.  Our core competency is customer satisfaction by providing complete turnkey systems rendering technical designs, plant layouts, and sizing of equipment from installation to turnover of your bottling plant.

Our Products:

We carry a vast array of water treatment equipments that tailor-fit the needs of our clients.  Our key products are:

  • ROASIS – designed for residential & small office use. It utilizes reverse osmosis process with multiple stages of filtration.  It has unique multiple automated features such as warning systems for water quality and filter cartridge change.  It is built for durable use.  Its compact sealed design eliminates external contaminants that may affect the system and is virtually leak free.
  • FLUIDMECH EQUIPMENT – a Malaysian-based company founded in 1978, Fluidmech is a leading manufacturer of bottling equipments used for rinsing, filling, capping, packaging, and labeling machines. Their machines are currently being used by well-known top corporations like Nestlé Foods (Malaysia), Chang-Yi Food and Beverage (Shanghai, China), F&N Coca-Cola Beverage (Malaysia), and Pennzoil Oil (Malaysia).
  • OZONE TECHNOLOGY – a U.S.-based company that manufactures patented the cold plasma corona discharge technology which represents state-of-the-art technology for ozone generation. This patented process puts Ozotech, Inc., on the leading edge in the field of ozone generation.

Other Services:

  • Verdant – VERDANT 5-gallon sales and distribution of purified drinking water to our residential & commercial end users around Metro Manila. VERDANT water delivery is packaged in 5-gallons PET bottle. VERDANT water product is exclusively processed and produced through our very own water treatment production facility.
  • Water Treatment Design Infrastructure – a combination of correct physical infrastructure specifications with the appropriate water treatment systems is a challenge to any water treatment solutions. Water treatment systems should not be limited to achieving water purity but must also take into consideration the right physical and technical infrastructure design that will ensure facility integrity and machine systems performance efficiency. In situations where there is a need to incorporate a specified design for water treatment systems and facilities on existing or from the ground up projects, the right design solutions are not just important but necessary. H20 Plus draws from its expertise from years of experience in water treatment. We provide clients with design and management strategies to achieve their specific needs. We demand consultations & presentations in order to properly asses our clients’ design and technical requirements in order to maximize resource allocations.  We have successfully and proudly engaged in numerous projects where physical and technical infrastructure management are required by our clients.

We aim to build strong technical support that would enable us to offer international service standard.  Thinking globally and acting locally, our technical support group was developed through our partnership with our principals that facilitated the training of manpower to provide continues services.  Our After-Sales Service (ASS) targets reassurance of long-term partnerships with our clients to handle the maintenance of water treatment equipment. Our commitment to quality in our products and services has made us grow into a better partner for you.