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Fluidmech Equipment was incorporated in 1978. They have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rinsing, Filling, Capping, Labelling and Packaging machines in Malaysia.

They served wide range of industries, including Food and Beverages, Toiletries, Household Chemical, Agrochemical, Petroleum-based Lubricant and others. Their machines are exported to countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Australia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, West Africa, Jordan and Vietnam.

Fluidmech has gradually grown to be considered as the only integrated manufacturer of bottling machinery in the Malaysia. The process involves designing, parts and inventory manufacturing, electrical design and installation, assembling of machine and sales and services.

To Fluidmech, quality is not limited to the products alone. It extends to the whole spectrum operations. We believe, our customers’ need is more than a supplier of bottling machines; they want a reliable business partner as well.