Residential Treatment

ROASIS-Residential-RO-150x150The new Roasis system is a complete re-thinking of the traditional R.O. system. The benefits of a completely integrated design includes better appearance, convenience and durability. Ease of use and great design are sure to make the Roasis system the best choice for the consumer!


  • 50GPD Purified Water
  • Patented Manifold that provides tough, compact design and high pressure durability, insures a long, safe and leak-free life.
  • Integrated Quality Pump that is mounted out of sight to improve looks and completely automatic operation.
  • Continuous Water Monitor that sends audible alarm to alert the user of declining water quality.
  • Easy to Maintain with its snap on fittings, the filters, membrane and flow restrictor can be replaced literally in seconds. Designed for foolproof reassembly.

System Dimensions: 249mm(W)x 195mm(D) x 472mm (H)



Alkaline Filter

AlkalineFilter-150x150H2O Plus Quick Change Filtration is a Point-Of-Use residential drinking water system that made filter replacement easier even
without the use of any tools!

The alkaline filtration system features 3 stages of filtration process. Afterwards, it will pass through the UV system that will sterilize your drinking water making it safe and potable.

The filters remove insoluble impurities as well as soluble impurities such as floating particles, pesticides, chlorine, improves taste, color and turbidity. This system includes a Calcite Cartridge filter that will increase the pH of your drinking water making it base or Alkaline.

The UV (Ultraviolet) system inactivates the bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms by interfering with their DNA and RNA reproductive cycles.

Treatment Stages:

  1. 1st Stage: 10” Polypropylene Sediment
  2. 2nd Stage: 10” Calcite Cartridge
  3. 3rd Stage: 10” GAC Cartridge
  4. 4th Stage: UV Sterilizer


  1. Quick change cartridge filters
  2. Metal bracket
  3. Standard long reach brass faucet
  4. PE tube 1/4” x 3”
  5. Brass water feed adapter
  6. UV Inlet/Outlet is 1/4”
  7. Flowrate: 1GPM